My Dream Phone

It appears that the time to switch my phone has finally come. I use a Sony Ericcson Z555i with Gesture Control for my daily communication with the outside world. I also use a LG RD3500 Reliance Handset to speak to my girlfriend. As every phone enthusiast and feature loving geek would do, I set about to do some research to get my Sony Ericcson Z555i with Gesture Control replaced.

Finding a new phone is never hard if you know what you want in it. I have switched 3 phones over the past 2 years. The best being my current phone. But I recently noticed that it does not suit my persona. It does not have loads of features that would improve my life. Hell, I can’t even check my email on it. I have a list of things my phone should be able to do. Being a Windows fanatic, a Windows Mobile device would be ideal where I could write and test .NET applications. Internet and wifi connectivity with push email functionality would be mandatory and throw in some looks, sleek interface and respectable battery life. Not much, one would agree, in terms of features but hey I never said I wanted an IPhone.

I googled for smartphones and scrolled down the result page to see if anything was worth pursuing. It was then that I saw a news result that said Acer had launched three new phones. Acer? I thought Acer was into laptops. I know because I own a sleek Aspire 5920G [] with 2.2 Ghz of Intel T7300, 4 GB RAM and a 360 GB hard drive. Apart from the curiosity, I happen to be pro Acer (now where have I heard that before, pro Google, pro Microsoft and now pro Acer? I need to delineate my loyalties.) and hence thought taking a look at the phone would not bulge my intentions.

The minute I checked the Acer website for the smartphone, I fell in love with the m900. It’s a sleek and stylish Windows Mobile device with several other features that I had always dreamt of having. I promised the deepest desires within me that I would someday proudly own this phone and flaunt it across the company where I work. I know that could be disadvantageous since doing that would brand me as a satisfied and well earning employee which would cause a sharp decline in my appraisals which obiviously I would not want.

I have yet to find out the prices which im sure will hinder the progress of my quest to own this baby. I can wait another month, and the month after that, and the month after that and the month after…