My first post!!


int main()
printf(“My first post!!”);
return 0;

Well I finally jumped the bandwagon… Was wondering how long I would be able to escape the blob.. oh.. ah.. typo there.. the blog effect. Its 2:42 AM here in Bangalore, the 17th of June 2009 (oh is it already huh??), nice time to begin blogging.. Its weird though that when I powered on my laptop an hour ago, I had never thought I would be writing.. Such is Life..

I stare at my laptop screen with shrivelled eyes, my pupils constricting under the strain of my day’s work.. I go on.. Come on! Its my first post I say.. Need to write something meaningful so that my kids (when I have them and when they are able to blog) can proudly show their friends what their super-dad had written this fateful night..

I thought there were other things in life people cared about..

Feeling too sleepy, should retire before my fingers start typing gibberish.. I cant bear that on my blog.. atleast not on my first post..

Good night..