The 700MB DVDrip Tutorial

I recently bought a copy of The Lost Symbol from Along with the book I got the DVD of DaVinci Code free. The site really does deliver what it promises.. Any ways coming back to the real premise of this blog post, I had not seen the movie version of The DaVinci Code and from the reviews and ratings at IMDB, I had no intentions of seeing it any sooner. Yet here I was holding a DVD of DaVinci Code in my hand. I decided to give my DVDripping skills a test. Not that you require any special skills to rip a DVD into that perfect 700 MB movie that you get on torrents. Its all there on the Internet, the tools and the tutorials.. What you will need is atleast 5 GB of free space and a bit of patience.

Note that piracy in any form is illegal, Im not sure about the scenario in India, although I would advise you to buy the DVD if you like the movie. This tutorial (or blog or article or whatever you want to call it) is strictly educational. Please try not to distribute the files generated at the end of the process.

Coming back to what this is all about. You will need two programs. One is a DVD Ripping program and the other is AutoGK. I personally use DVD Decrypter because of is ease of use. VirtualDubMod is a substitute program that can be used in place of AutoGK. In fact AutoGK uses VirtualDubMod to compress and create the 700 MB avi. We shall see more of them later. For now download these tools from the following links. The Internet is abundant with these tools and a simple Google search will provide you with numerous links:

1. DVD Decrypter:
2. AutoGK:

The requirements before you begin:
A P4 2.0 GHz or faster Windows XP and higher computer (the more the Ghz the better)
Atleast 1 GB of RAM
Atleast 5GB free
A DVD Drive (like duh..)
DVD Decrypter
Lots of patience (because the entire process can take about 2-3 hours depending on the size of the movie and the chosen settings)

Install both the tools and insert the movie DVD into the DVD drive of your computer. It would be advisable to close all open programs since this process is memory and processor intensive.

Part I [Ripping the DVD to the hard drive]

Run the DVD Decrypter program from the Desktop or the Start menu > Programs

The program window shows DVD information like the Label and the Region Code Enhancement (RCE) protection status etc. You can change the destination directory where the ripped files will be kept by clicking on the small folder Icon in the Destination frame of the program window.

On your right hand side of the program window, the list of files on the DVD will be shown. The .VOB files are the movie files and the .IFOs are information files that tell DVD players where a movie chapter begins etc. The .BUPs are backups of the .IFOs.

The DVD may contain several IFOs, but what is important is the IFO that points to the main movie. Look carefully in the list of files on the right. The IFO that has the largest sized VOBs under it is the IFO that we will be using later. In the case of my example VTS_01_0.IFO is the IFO that we will be using later since VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB etc are the main movie files (check the file size to get an idea).

In any case let DVD Decrypter select the main movie for you. Go to Edit > Select Main movie files

Once that is done and a output folder selected, you can start the DVD Ripping process by clicking on the DVD icon on the bottom of the program window.

Sit back and relax while DVD Decrypter does its work. The ripping process should take roundabout 10 minutes to finish.

Part II [Making the XVid Avi from the Ripped DVD]

Once the ripping is over, close DVD Decrypter and run AutoGK.

Click on the input file folder icon and browse to the DVD rip folder. Select the IFO file and click open to load the IFO.

Depending on the DVD a “Select PGC” window may be shown as follows. Select the Program Chain (PGC) that has a longer length. In my case PGC 1 had a length of 2 hours, 22 minutes, 46 seconds and 24 milliseconds.

Select the location of the output file by clicking on the folder icon in front of the output file text box in the main AutoGK program window. Type a name that you want the output file to have and click Save.

In a DVD you will often find that there are multiple audio tracks, 6 channels (6ch) are better than 2chs. Make your choice of language (if applicable) and proceed to the Step 3 frame. Here you can choose the final size of the movie that will be output. The higher the size, the better the quality, but most 700 MB (1 CD size) movies are also good enough. Select a size or provide your own using the Custom Size option. In my case I selected English 6 ch audio track and a movie size of 700 MB (1 CD)

Click on Add job to add the current job to the programs queue and then click on Start to start the actual process.

Sit back and relax. You can actually go to sleep for an hour or 2. AutoGK will use VirtualDubMod and lame.exe to process the video and audio respectively. AutoGk will open and close several windows and it is advisable to leave the program alone till the entire process is complete and you are greeted with a Job finished log entry in the AutoGK log window.

Now go grab some popcorn, start the movie using VLC, K-Lite or your favorite movie player and enjoy!!